Teamcenter User Training (TC40300)

3 Day Class
This course is intended to provide fundamental skills for working in the rich client interface, and the basics of using a suite of Teamcenter software applications. These software applications include My Teamcenter, Structure Manager, Teamcenter for lifecycle visualization embedded viewer, and Workflow Viewer.

Course Topics:
• Review Teamcenter terms and concepts
• Overview of Rich Client and Thin Client interface
• Performing searches, view 2D and 3D data, and perform
• View, build, and edit product structure
• Perform workflow tasks and track process
• Create and edit Teamcenter Objects
• Create project teams
• Create and edit data using Microsoft Office integration
• Create new Teamcenter items
• Using CAD tools with Teamcenter


Teamcenter Application and Data Model Administration (TC40350)

4 Day Class
This course is designed to provide the fundamental skills for configuring and maintaining a standard organizational Teamcenter environment. The application administration and system administration areas are both addressed in order to provide data security.

Course Topics:
• User Organization of groups and roles
• CAD Administration
• Access Manager
• Workflow design
• Introduction to Business Modeler IDE process
• Business rules
• Options, constants, and rules
• Project templates
• Teamcenter system maintenance
• Applying software updates
• Data Security

• Teamcenter User Training (TC40300)

Teamcenter Installation (TC40400)

5 Day Class
This course defines the two-tier and the four-tier architectures and demonstrates how to install the components of these architectures. This includes database server, corporate server, two-tier rich client, the Business Modeler IDE, web application server, web tier, server manager, thin client, four-tier rich client, the embedded viewer, and NX Manager.

Course Topics:
• Overview of two-tier and four-tier architectures
• Teamcenter database creation (Oracle, MSSQL, Server, DB2)
• Common Licensing Server
• Corporate server installation
• File Management System (FMS) overview
• Two-tier rich client installation
• Teamcenter J2EE Web tier and server manager
• Teamcenter .NET Web tier and server manager
• Installation of the four-tier rich client using the over-the-web install and TEM
• Installation of the Business Modeler IDE
• Administering the in-production system
• FCS performance cache server
• Teamcenter integrations for Microsoft Office
• Embedded visualization for the two-tier and four-tier rich clients
• NX Manager for the two-tier and four-tier rich clients
• Installing and accessing Teamcenter online help


Teamcenter Workflow Design (TC40500)

2 Day Class
This course provides the skills necessary for creating, testing, and deploying Workflow templates for Process Management in Teamcenter and gives a further in-depth look on how things interact. Students interested in this course must have a good working knowledge of their system and have passed the prerequisites necessary.

Course Topics:
• Workflow Concepts – Dev/Test/Prod Environments,
Terms & Definitions, Process Templates, Lifecycle Status
• Using Action and Rule Handlers
• Process and Task ACLs
• Exporting and importing Workflow Templates
• Controlling access to workflows using filters
• Executing workflows – Task Actions, Terminating
Workflows, Auditing
• Integrating Workflow with Schedule Manager

• Teamcenter Application and Data Model Administration (TC40350)
• Basic Administration Skills

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